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2010 Gallery Kansas City

Vicky Montesinos Biography


Vicky is an artist with a great respect and reverence for tradition. Her new and highly original floral paintings continue the genre as defined by the masters: Odilon Redon, Georgia O'Keefe and Lowell Nesbitt. A Montesinos bouquet is full of passion and mystery. Patterns peek from under magnificent colors and the viewers is offered a window into the artist's private world. Daughter of the acclaimed Mexican film director Fernando A. Rivero, Montesinos's works have been greatly influenced by the ambiance and theatricality of the film world that she grew up in. Reflected in her portraits of men and women is the technique of a master, the unfettered emotion of a child and sensual quality that fills each canvas with a passion for life. Montesinos's work reflect her sophisticated and cultured background: college in Mexico and Argentina, and apprenticeships with master painters Jose Bardasano in Mexico and Quinquella Martin in Buenos Aires; all have given a sophisticated quality to her work. It was in Bardasano's studio that Vicky learned the very rigorous and laborious "Veladuras" technique of layering many thin layers of paint to achieve the densely transparent and incandescent look of her work. The luminosity is derived from the silver and gold leaf she often applies to a canvas before she begins to paint. Her first U.S. show received rave reviews in San Fransisco. Her first one person show was in SoHo, New York, where every original painting was sold during the opening. Her limited edition lithographs from 1984 to 1998 are completely exhausted and many recent editions are nearly sold out. Victoria Montesinos was born in Mexico City, the daughter of a well-known Mexican movie director, Fernando A. Rivero, and Maty Humana. Sent to live with her grandparents around the age of two, it was not long after that time that she started drawing and painting in response to the serious temperament of her grandmother. According to Vicky, "I became accustomed to enjoying my own world, Drawing was an escape from my communication problems. Besides, drawing was highly rewarding to me.  When she was just twelve years old, Vicky's father noticed her talent and offered her the opportunity to study painting with a friend of his, the great Spanish painter, JoseBardasano. Having just opened a painting academy, Bardasano welcomed the young Montesinos to study under his direction for five years, initially during school vacations so that she could finish secondary school. This was the beginning of her brilliant career as an artist. Vicky has always believed in painting with total integrity, without submitting herself to the judgment of the market, style or expectations of others. The topics she depicts in her paintings are not the product of intellectual analysis, but arise from tastes and affinities that take shape gradually in her mind. When her ideas become clearly defined, Vicky begins to transform the canvas by abolishing its emptiness and nothingness: she stains the cloth, marks the lines, and then continues with brushstrokes, guiding herself intuitively and wisely until reaching the grand finale. In general, she likes to work on various easels at the same time. Montesinos works without deliberations, on large canvases that show ethereal atmospheres overflowing with extravagance and sensuality. The slender bodies she paints appear enveloped in marked brushstrokes that serve as both mantles and tunics. The flowers have silk petals, and invite us to discover their interiors. With her brush, Vicky knows how to share her great sensitivity, and for this reason her paintings captivate collectors and lovers of great art from around the world.